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The North East of England has a long tradition of glassmaking starting in the 7th century when a monk brought glassmakers from France to what is now the City of Sunderland to make the first stained glass windows.

Although the numerous glass factories of the 17th and 18th centuries have now closed, there is still a wealth of glassmaking in the region but much of it takes place in small studios by artists and craftsmen using a wide range of processes.

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Anne Tye
City of Sunderland
Chief Executives Department
(Business Investment Team)
PO Box 100

Tel: 44 (0) 191 5531219
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COHESION is the name of the glassmakers’
network for the Northern Region of England.

What Cohesion does for glassmakers:

Information Exchange

Bi-monthly newsletter
Quarterly networking events
Support for visits to conferences and seminars

Cohesion provides an informal forum for networking,
discussiongroups, problem sharing and general peer
group support.

Marketing & Promotion

Selling Events


Skills workshops
Workforce Development